Termination Services

A-Z Voip Termination

We focus on fair rates, extraordinary service and best voice quality. If you are looking for a reliable VoIP provider with high quality service, competitive rates innovative services, and flexibility, you have come to the right place at the right time!

We offer A-Z Termination Routes to all types of Carriers, Small businesses, Call Centers, Calling Card Operators, Call Shops, Independent Software Vendors developing VoIP, Wholesale SIP Termination for both conversational (long duration) and dialer call centers (short duration) traffic and provide support for SIP Trunk, VoIP Fax, Hosted VoIP, Call Center Predictive Dialer, Mobile Dialer and Pc to Phone with thousands of satisfied current customers.

Retail Voip

DialerTel exists globally and it gives us leverage of the provision of exceptional VoIP CLI Routes terminal call which serve you in more over 50 countries across the globe. Our effective backup routing helps us provide exactly what our clients have been looking for. We help our clients connect to every corner of the globe.

The best thing about VoIP is the flexibility which helps customization as per the requirements of a company or a retail business. Our retail service is tailored for small chains and retails. We’ll make sure that the VoIP configurations have been made in accordance to the very needs of our clients. Our Hosted VoIP serves the retails and small chains way better than the conventional PSTN. We serve with the top-notch call termination regardless of time and place.

Having agreements with the world biggest Telecommunication Carriers and AZ VoIP providers, we are able to offer our Customers the lowest rates in the VoIP market.

Wholesale SMS

DialerTel offers global SMS Hubbing services to be handled by Carrier Services. Strongly believing that it will add more value to the relationships with existing Customers and Partners as well as contributing to acquiring new ones.

Always remaining a customer-oriented Telecom Carrier, DialerTel aims to keep the same course and to be closer, than ever to its clients, providing a number of service types, 24/7 access to Customer Support, respectful and professional approach.

    DialerTel is a leader among VoIP service providers. We use an intricate network infrastructure to provide exceptional quality VoIP services to both businesses and residences. Our customers get the lowest rates for international calls and can use this to make calls anywhere in the world.

    DialerTel introduces Hosted IPBX services that allow prioritized real-time connections over the internet.