About Us

Who We Are?

DialerTel offers a comprehensive range of unparalleled VoIP services at affordable rates. With our flawless terminaton and wholesale prices, organizations can expect perfect calls every time. We also transport the services over top-notch services with convenient prices.

Our current VoIP technology allows us to connect homes and businesses with a global network for novel use. Our applications are able to treat voice, video, and other data smoothly by converting into packets and transmitting in real time.

We provide the best value for our customers in VoIP services. Our system provides world-class robustness and adaptability for our clients with end-to-end Voice- and Video over IP systems.

Cost Saving

Our VoIP services help cut your unnecessary telephone expenses while providing better clarity and connection strength. Our systems are built to last with minimal maintenance costs.


Our systems come with plug & play compatibility and only require a working internet connection. This makes them a perfect match for your existing setup.

Increase Scalability

Our optimal services allow you to perform upgrades without spending a fortune on them. Simply add more connections to your setup and scale them up to 4,999 extensions.

What We Offer?

VoIP Support to help our clients elevate their business to higher level while keeping the cost down –

    DialerTel is a leader among VoIP service providers. We use an intricate network infrastructure to provide exceptional quality VoIP services to both businesses and residences. Our customers get the lowest rates for international calls and can use this to make calls anywhere in the world.

    DialerTel introduces Hosted IPBX services that allow prioritized real-time connections over the internet.